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Mental Health Counseling

We are dedicated to assisting students with educational, career, personal/social and health issues. To best meet the needs of our students, we integrate school and community services to ensure they have access to a range of resources.


Melissa Meyer

Melissa Meyer

School Counselor

Individual student support for academic achievement, college and career readiness, social emotional strategies, and advocacy for long-term community support.

715.359.6591 ext. 5226

Sarah Welsh

Sarah Welsh

School Social Worker

Advocate between home, school, and community providers pertaining to health and wellbeing, basic family needs, and supports to achieve success at school.

715.359.6591 ext. 5309

Brandon Kranz

Brandon Kranz

School Psychologist

Develops Individualized Education Plans to include academic, behavioral, and mental health to support students primarily through special educational services.

715.359.6591 ext. 2025

Mikayla Nowinsky

Mikayla Nowinsky

School Nurse

Advocate for student centered healthcare and identify and manage student's health conditions to enhance participation in their learning environment. 715.359.6561 ext. 4223

Officer Jeff Zwicky

D.C. Everest Community Partnership with the Marathon County School-Based Counseling Consortium

Licensed treatment professionals from the community provide on-site (at school) confidential counseling for students concerning adolescent life, post-traumatic stress, family systems, emotional regulation, anxiety, social engagement, substance abuse, behavioral disorders, depression, grief and loss, or mood disorders. This on-site service allows students to receive professional counseling without having to leave school or having a parent/guardian miss work to transport the child to appointments.

Rachel Kuester

The Centre for Well Being