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Evergreen School SOAR School Store

How does it work and what can I save my SOAR slips for?

  • Save your white SOAR slips in a safe spot. These are the slips you use to purchase items.
  • SOAR slips should be stapled to your order form.
  • Turn the yellow SOAR slips in to the office for the weekly drawing.
  • Fill out the SOAR Order Form
  • Indicate what items you would like to order on the order form.
  • Have the order form turned in to the manila envelope located near the door in your classroom. 
  • Each 3rd Thursday, parent volunteers will come around and pick up students with orders and walk them to the SOAR-Store to have their orders filled!

  Keep making those AWESOME SOARING choices!

Here is what you can get with:

Image of the SOAR Slips